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Huntercare PrecisionRX is part of the HunterCare Health family of companies. Through our specialty pharmacy, technology, and lab services, we’re committed to coordinating with like-minded healthcare providers to give compassionate care to people with behavioral health issues.

Our integrated software system and expertise let us share real-time data and electronic medical record information with the larger medical community. This allows us to seamlessly coordinate to provide top-quality patient care.

PrecisionRX is a closed-door pharmacy, not open to the public. For more information please call:


Convenience of Care

Healthcare is a team sport. And we’re committed to being good teammates.

HunterCare uses proprietary software that integrates with most electronic medical records. That means every member of the care team has access to the information they need in real time.

Realtime Data Access

Our proprietary software seamlessly integrates with most major electronic health records. This gives you access to test results as soon as they’re available.

Coordinated Lab Results

We know that to best care for your patients, you need access to lab results. Our sister company HunterCare Coordinated Care Health Solutions provides the broadest lab panel, including medication compliance and cardiometabolic tests.

To make it easy for patients to complete their lab work, we’ve put HunterCare labs in community mental health centers throughout Oklahoma.

The results are delivered in real time to electronic medical records, so you always have access to the most up-to-date information.

Electronic Crisis Support

For HunterCare, it’s our mission and pleasure to fill behavioral healthcare needs. HunterCare PrecisionRX is part of a family of companies committed to serving people in crisis, their healthcare providers, and law enforcement.

For example, every police car in Oklahoma is equipped with MyCare software. With a touch of a button, a person in distress can be connected to a mental health counselor who can provide emergency mental healthcare. This helps de-escalate potentially dangerous situations and connects people to care.

Meet the Pharmacists

HunterCare PrecisionRX pharmacists and staff specialize in customizing solutions to each customer. We‘ll listen to your concerns and make sure your treatment plan works for you.

Steven W Brecheen, D.Ph., Pharmacy Manager

Steve graduated from the University of Oklahoma and has over 40 years of pharmacy experience. He has a passion for assisting community mental health centers and other mental health organizations. His ongoing goal is to assist in providing therapeutic aid to individuals with mental health issues and to improve their lives.

Tuan Tran, PharmD., Pharmacist

Tuan began a pharmacy career as a cashier while pursuing as a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma. For more than two decades, Tuan served the Moore/Norman community as part of the pharmacy team. Tuan moved to a pharmacy manager role and joined Hunter Care Health in 2021.

HunterCare PrecisionRX is Part of the HunterCare Health Family of Companies